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Native American Myths and Monsters

Myths and Monsters of the Native Americans
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Native Monster is a LJ comm discussing creatures, monsters, myths, legends, folklore, etc. of the Native Americans.

It's also a place to share art, stories, and knowledge on more obscure creatures and fascinating animals from native myths.
Discussion of Adrienne Mayor's recent book is allowed. As well as how certain native monsters have been adapted more into the mainstream and how they appear in the media, everything from movies, RPGs, and video games.
And about ancient animals and dinosaurs of the American plains and the great sea/river that once divided America.

Rules: (Add as I see fit)
1. Images must be under a lj cut or as small preview images/thumbnails.
2. Any mention of any dinosaurs or ancient mammals should tie into the region of North America or myths of the native people (fossil legends). I am lax on South American critters/myths being brought to the attention of the community despite there being another community titled, aztecmythology.
Any topic discussing myths outside of the Americans will be deleted if there are no ties to them or not comparing similar stories.
3. I will allow discussinion on other American archaeology items and cryptozoology.
4. Try not to stir up any drama, alright?

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